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Ace 1/72 2S14 Zhalo-S (Sting) Tank Hunter Kit

Ace 1/72 2S14 Zhalo-S (Sting) Tank Hunter Kit

Military Model Depot

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The 2S14 was a BTR-70 variant that was intended to be a hit-and-run anti-tank asset for the wheeled portion of Motorized Rifle Divisions, the Naval Infantry, and for the Airborne forces. The mobile system, built on the BTR-70 APC, incorporated a new lightly armored turret, had a pepper-pot muzzle break that was found to be 80% effective (meaning less stress on the turret/hull when fired), and retained the speediness of the original wheeled chassis. It was eventually designated the 2S14 Zhalo-C (Sting-S).

The 2S14 was found to be good EXCEPT that the 85mm gun could NOT penetrate the frontal armor of then current tanks, hostile or domestic. In the same time frame (1968-1973), both improved AT-3 missiles and the AT-4 missile system came into production and relegated the 2S14 Zhalo-C ultimately to obscurity.

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