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AFV Club 1/35 US Army M110 203mm 8-inch Self-Propelled Howitzer (All New Tooling) Kit

AFV Club 1/35 US Army M110 203mm 8-inch Self-Propelled Howitzer (All New Tooling) Kit


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The M107 and M110 both use the same chassis. The tracked chassis is made out of steel. The driver is seated on the left with the engine to his right. The armament is fitted to a large turntable with a limited traverse. A large spade is fitted at the rear to stabilize the vehicle during operation. The M107 is fitted with the very long 175mm M113 gun, while the M110 is fitted with the short 203mm M2A2 gun. Later the M110A1 and A2 introduced a much longer 203mm gun. Besides the driver, the gun is operated by 12 other people. Of these 5 are carried on the weapon and the rest by the track M548 tracked cargo carrier, which also carries additional ammunition. Most M107 and M110 have been upgraded to the M110A2 standard.

The kit comes with a metal barrel - quite a big chunk of material! and the full elevation and depression of the gun can be replicated.

Internals are included, with the mechanism of the breach and the internal driver's station included in full detail.

The gun is replicated in fine detail, and speaking of workings, the full loading and feeding mechanism is included. The recoil spade can also be lowered into a firing position or in transport mode. 

The marking choices capture four versions of the gun, from the Vietnam war and in service in Europe.


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