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AFV Club Military 1/35 IDF Shot Centurion Mk 5, 5/1 1967 Early Tank Kit

AFV Club 1/35 IDF Shot Centurion Mk 5, 5/1 1967 Early Tank Kit

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The IDF received their first Mk.II Centurions (Sho't) in 1959 followed by later Mk.III And Mk.5 types which still retained the 20Pdr main gun with both Type A and Type B barrels (with fume extractor). They also retained the original Centurion Meteor engine with minor modifications for additional IDF equipment and this new kit represents this initial IDF Mk.5 configuration with the 20 Pdr Type B barrel. As a bonus in the first production run kits there is also the L7 105mm gun to allow you to build the first Sho't type modified to take this gun. Both these types saw action in the 1967 Six-Day war before receiving more extensive modifications such as the US Continental AVDS diesel engine for the Centurion Ben-Gurion that saw action in the 1973 Yon Kippur war.

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