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Bronco Military 1/35 Humber Mk IV Armored Car Kit

Bronco 1/35 Humber Mk IV Armored Car Kit

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At the end of 1942, the Humber III was followed by the highly successful Humber II armored vehicle. The Humber III features a new turret that can accommodate three people. However, the 15mm gun was a bit outdated in 1942, so the later Humber IV was replaced with an American 37mm anti-tank gun. This American-made artillery is very similar to a 2-pound gun that can fire a variety of ammunition. As the artillery was more powerful, the crew in the turret was reduced to two. In early 1943, about 2,000 Humber IVs were produced and distributed to the reconnaissance regiments of the infantry divisions. At that time almost all British infantry division reconnaissance battalions operating in Northwest Europe, Italy, the Middle East and the Far East were equipped with Humber IV. The Humber series is a British armored vehicle widely used in World War II. In addition to the United Kingdom, it also serves in the military of Canada, India, Poland, South Africa and New Zealand.

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