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Gallery Models 1/16 Panzer III Ausf.J/L/M Kit

Gallery Models 1/16 Panzer III Ausf.J/L/M Kit

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The kit is molded in gray styrene and is presented on 23 parts trees (duplicate trees not shown) plus four trees of black styrene, one tree of clear parts, 7 trees and one bag of rust-colored parts, and one sheet of photo-etched parts. As with the StuG III kit, this model has a great deal of detail, though, with the exception of the main gun, there is little other detail inside the turret or hull.


  • Very detailed suspension and lower hull details
  • Detailed road wheels with separately molded tires for ease of painting and vinyl retainers to allow fitting and removal of wheels as needed
  • Drive sprockets and return wheels also have vinyl retainers for fitting and removal as well
  • Torque bar suspension is workable
  • The detailed tracks are movable after assembly
  • Detailed fenders with pioneering tool mounts for the included tools
  • Choice of styrene or turned aluminum main gun barrel (the metal barrel is for the Ausf. J)
  • Detailed main gun with loading breach details
  • Detailed periscopes on the commander's cupola
  • Photo-etched grilles around the engine compartment
  • Nicely detailed stowage on the engine deck
  • Dye-cut styrene armored skirts to protect the sides of the vehicle

Marking options:

  • Ausf. J, 3 Pz. Rgt, 10 Pz.Div, Tunisia, 1943
  • Ausf,J, 631, 2 Pz.Div, Russia, 1941
  • Ausf. L, unknown
  • Ausf. L, 124, Russia, unknown
  • Ausf.M, 503, 3 Pz.Rgt, 2 Pz, Div, Kursk, 1943
  • Ausf.M, 3 Pz.Gren.Div, Kursk, 1943
  • Ausf.M, 412, unknown
  • Ausf.M, 621, 6 Pz.Div, Kursk, 1943

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