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Ginter Books - Naval Fighters: Curtiss SC1/2 Seahawk

Ginter Books - Naval Fighters: Curtiss SC1/2 Seahawk

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The last of the aircraft designed for use as eyes of the fleet. This was the fastest, highest climbing, heaviest armed, most maneuverable "EYE" the Navy ever had.
This aircraft had no tail hook but it still went aboard ships. It was use for many roles like scouting, ASW, directing naval gunfire and other duties.
This book is written by CDR Long who flew this type of aircraft from the Battleships and Cruisers, when they were the center of the fleet. This book is a must for anybody who wants to know more about the role of the scout aircraft in the fleet.
  • 129 Pages
  • 247 Black & White Photos
  • 51 Drawings
  • 4 Pages of Models

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