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Hobby Boss Military 1/35 PLA ZTL-11 Amphibious Assault Vehicle Kit

Hobby Boss 1/35 PLA ZTL-11 Amphibious Assault Vehicle Kit

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The ZTL-11 is already in service with the Chinese armed forces and was first shown to the public in September 2015 during a military parade in Beijing to commemorate the end of the World War II in Asia.

According to military sources, the ZTL-11 is based on the ZBD-09 using an 8x8 military chassis. The vehicle is also referred to as ZTL-09, a fire support vehicle which is fitted with a two-man turret armed with a 105mm cannon. It has a crew of four, including commander, driver, gunner and loader.

This vehicle is made on a welded steel armor hull with add-on ceramic armor modules. Chinese sources claim that the hull and turret of the vehicle provides protection against weapons firing 25 mm armor-piercing rounds at the front and 12.7 mm armor-piercing ammunition all-around the vehicle.

The ZTL-11 is fully amphibious and propelled in the water thanks two waterjets mounted at the rear of the chassis.
  • 360+ Parts
  • Refined detail
  • Multi-slide molded turret and hull
  • Photo etched parts included
  • Rubber tires

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