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I Love Kit Military 1/16 German 105mm K18 Cannon

I Love Kit Military 1/16 German 105mm K18 Cannon

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was a field gun used by Germany in World War 2 The German army wanted a new 10.5 cm gun as well as a 15 cm howitzer which were to share the same carriage. Guns are heavier than howitzers due to the longer barrel. This also led to the 15 Cm SFH 18. As such, both weapons had a similar weight and could be carried by a similar carriage. By 1926 Krupp and Rheinmetall had specimen designs, and prototypes were ready by 1930 but were not fielded until 1933–34. Both Krupp and Rheinmetall competed for the development contract, but the Wehrmacht compromised and selected Krupp's carriage to be mated with Rheinmetall's gun.

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