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ICM Military 1/35 Soviet Six-Wheel Army Truck w/Shelter Kit

ICM Military 1/35 Soviet Six-Wheel Army Truck w/Shelter Kit

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The most common all-wheel drive 6-wheel truck in the Soviet Army during the 1980s had a diesel engine and a cab-over-engine layout. Its serial production began in 1981 at a plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. The car was distinguished by its high reliability and off-road capability. The basic model was intended, first of all, for the transportation of personnel or cargo up to 6 tons.

Since the mid-1980s, this car for some time was the main transport base of the Soviet Army and the main middle-class car for the installation of various types and purposes of superstructures. Variants with KUNGs are widespread – closed box bodies for the installation of special equipment and the transportation of personnel. One of these body types was the K4320D variant.

  • – The model has detailed chassis, engine and cockpit interior
  • – Exact copy of a car with a closed box body type K4320D

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