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ICM 1/72 Soviet BTR152V Armored Personnel Vehicle Kit

ICM 1/72 Soviet BTR152V Armored Personnel Vehicle Kit


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In 1955 the Soviet Union revealed a 6-wheeled armored personnel carrier built around the reliable Zil-157 truck chassis, known as the BTR-152V. BTR (БТР) is short for Bronetransporter which is literally "armored transporter".  The BTR-152 was developed to provide infantry with cross-country mobility and protection from small arms fire and small shell fragments. In addition to the crew of two, the BTR-152 was designed to carry 18 armed infantry. The BTR's armor varies from 15 mm thick on the front to 9 mm thick on the sides to only 4mm on the floor. Armament was usually a 7.62 mm SGMB light machine gun and three firing ports on each side allow infantry to fire from within the vehicle.

Production of the BTR-152 was stopped in 1962 with approximately 15,000 examples built. In the early 1970s the Soviet Army began phasing it out as an APC, however, it remained in service until 1993 in a variety of other roles including command vehicles, mobile radio stations and ambulances.

The BTR-152V was exported to over 40 countries and can still be found in service today.

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