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Magic Factory 1/35 Iron Dome Air Defense System (New Tool) Kit

Magic Factory 1/35 Iron Dome Air Defense System (New Tool) Kit

Military Model Depot

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Iron Dome is an Israeli mobile missile defense system designed to intercept short-range rockets and artillery. It comprises the lowest tier of Israel’s missile defense architecture, intended to counter unguided rocket and drone attacks.
The system consists of three main elements: the Tamir interceptor and its launcher, the ELM 2084 Multi-mission Radar (MMR), and battle management and weapon control system (BMC). The Iron Dome battery includes 3 – 4 launchers, a battle management system, and a fire control radar. Each launcher can hold up to 20 Tamir interceptors. A complete battery costs approximately $100M to produce. Each Iron Dome battery can defend an area of up to 150 square kilometers against short-range missiles, mortars, and rockets. To conserve interceptors, the Iron Dome system can discern between rockets that threaten population areas and those that will fall harmlessly in open terrain.

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