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Roden Military 1/35 Pattern 1920 MkI British Armored Car Kit

Roden Military 1/35 Pattern 1920 MkI British Armored Car Kit

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In the 1920s these cars continued to take part in armed service: in the colonies of Great Britain they co-operated with aviation, repressing local revolts by unarmed colonial tribes; and even in Europe employment was found for them, during the period of civil war in Ireland, when the British government delivered several armored cars to the Irish government to counter the attacks of the Irish Republican Army. These vehicles conducted their active service until 1944 and were retired only due to the complete wearing out of their working parts.
One of the cars passed into the hands of one of the best-known eccentric historical figures of the 20th Century, Lawrence of Arabia: his armored car was used by him during his guerrilla actions and other adventures in the Middle East. In due course the Thirties came to their end and there was again a smell of war in the air. There was extensive modernization in Europe, and also in the armor of the British Army. At the time about one hundred Armored Cars remained in service in the colonies. The majority (about 70) of them were in North Africa, where they soon faced Italian troops. Some more were in India, carrying out raids in the territory of neighboring Burma.
Today, some original armored cars of this type have been preserved in different countries of the world. They have been quite valuable private property for a long time now, and remind us of those distant times, when the first blundering motorized constructions, weakly protected against an opponent's firearms, enabled rapid development of a military technical idea and led to the appearance of more modern mobile weapons in the future.

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