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Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Russian 9K35 Strela-10 SA13 Gopher Surface-to-Air Missile System Kit

Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Russian 9K35 Strela-10 SA13 Gopher Surface-to-Air Missile System Kit


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The 9K35 Strella-10 (SA-13 Gopher) is short-range, infrared (IR) guided air defense (SHORAD) system that, coupled with the ZSU-23-4 Shilka, provides low-altitude air defense to ground forces. Designed to mount on a modified MT-LB chassis, the system is a follow-on to the SA-9 Gaskin system mounted on the BRDM vehicle. The system was first introduced into the Soviet military in 1976. (Strella is Russian for 'arrow'). The Strella-10 is a higher-power/heavier missile than the shoulder-launched Strella-2 (SA-7) and Strella-3 (SA-14).

The SA-13 system is comprised of four infra-red missiles stored in canisters mounted on a stowable launcher platform. The platform can be raised to the firing position as depicted in the box art or folded to the rear for road or rail transportation. Between the canisters is a range-only radar and above the right pair of canisters is a video camera. The system does not have a coaxial gun (this was resolved with the 2S6 Tunguska) which is why these were paired up with the ZSU-23-4.

The operator sits inside the MT-LB and looks out through a window at the base of the launcher (similar to the Chaparral missile launcher). The missile is launched directly from the canister and is guided to its target using the missile's IR seeker. Four additional missile canisters are stored inside the vehicle before needing resupply.

Features and Options:

  • Detailed lower hull and suspension
  • Separately molded rear entry doors (see notes)
  • Individual track links (see notes)
  • Detailed photo-etched rear deflector vanes
  • Separately molded overhead access door
  • Separately molded bow access door
  • Detailed sensors and antennas on upper hull
  • Positionable driver and commander hatches
  • Positionable driver and commander windshield covers
  • Detailed SA-13 pedestal and missile canister rack
  • Detailed missile canisters (see notes)
  • Odd machinegun configuration on commander's plinth

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