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Zvezda 1/100 Soviet T72B Main Battle Tank Snap Kit

Zvezda 1/100 Soviet T72B Main Battle Tank Snap Kit

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Produced from 1988 until the present, the T-72B is one of the most successful tank designs in the modern world, and the most widely fielded tank of the Soviet Bloc.

Weighing more than 44 metric tons, the T-72B has a top road speed of 60 km/h, is protected by reactive armor, and sports a 125mm smoothbore cannon capable of firing conventional munitions as well as guided anti-tank missiles.

The chassis of this excellent tank proved so reliable and functional, it was used as the basis for numerous Soviet armored vehicle designs. The T-72B forms a potent backbone to the Soviet army to this day.
  • Suitable for use with Hot War

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