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Zvezda Military 1/72 Russian MSTA-S 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Tank Kit

Zvezda 1/72 Russian MSTA-S 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Tank Kit

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MSTA-S - Soviet and Russian self-propelled 152 mm artillery mount designed to destroy tactical nuclear weapons, artillery and mortar batteries, tanks and other armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, manpower, air defense and missile defense systems, command posts, and also for destruction field fortifications and obstructing maneuvers of enemy reserves in the depths of his defense. It can fire on observable and unobservable targets from closed positions and direct fire, including work in mountainous conditions. When firing, both ammunition shots and those delivered from the ground are used, without loss in rate of fire, with a firing range of up to 25 km. MSTA-S was actively used in various local conflicts and earned the highest military ratings.

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