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Dragon 1/35 M4 81mm Mortar Carrier (Re-Issue) Kit

Dragon 1/35 M4 81mm Mortar Carrier (Re-Issue) Kit

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Dragon’s M2/M2A1 halftrack has been a sizzling success with modelers. This highly detailed and accurate 1/35 scale kit has now been joined by a companion – an M4 81mm Mortar Carrier. The M4 was a purpose-built variant of the M2 halftrack designed to accommodate an 81mm mortar, ammunition and the mortar crew. A total of 572 M4 halftracks were manufactured before the improved M4A1 appeared. Because much of the rear compartment was taken up with ammunition storage racks and the mortar itself, there was only seating for three crewmen.

This 1/35 scale kit comes with a completely new fighting compartment, with redesigned armor panels and interior to suit the M4. The highly detailed 81mm mortar is a new tooling and it even has a metal barrel. There is also a brand new, well-proportioned driver figure to fit into the driver’s compartment. This exciting M4 kit is an ideal partner for the M2 halftrack, and Dragon has managed to ensure it’s jam-packed with accurate detail.


Brand New:

-new Compartment with interior details for M4
-side armor pecuilar to M4
-new seating arrangement
-rear door can be assembled open or closed
-new rear panel for M4
-newly tooled mortar ammo in rack
-81mm mortar with metal barrel in great detail
-0.30-cal MG with pedestal mount for M4
-two types o based plate allow mortar to be fitted to wehicle or on ground
-bonus driver
-Cartograf decal offer different markings


-front roller especially from M4
-photo-etched windshield wipers in fine detail
-engine hood with detailed bolt and hinges
-front window armor can be assembled open/closed; includes finely molded struts
-armored front grill with fine bolt detail can be moldeled in two modes
-bonus individual photo-etched slats available for the open mode front grill
-photo-etched visors for armored window covers
-headlights with light guards
-front hook mount is reproduced by photo-etched parts
-engine complete with radiator and oil sump


-detailed dashboard instrument panel
-delicate steering wheel and controls
-top half of cab doors can be assembled in swung-down position
-detailed cab door with delicate strap detail

Tires & Tracks:

-rubber tracks modeled with center guide band
-detailed multi-direction slide-molded sprocket wheels
-multi-direction slide-molded idler wheels
-hubcaps with fine details
-tires intentionally shaped to mimic bulging caused by a heavy load
-road wheels with crisp details
-slide-molded wheel couplings
-bogie assembly with internal spring detail


-one-piece chassis frame
-full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units
-differential housing comes with bolt and rib detail
-steering mechanism in full detail
-truly reproduced exhaust and muffler


-rear tow hook is fully detailed
-rear mud flaps made from photo-etched parts
-sharply reproduced on-vehicle tools

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