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Dragon Military 1/72 PzKpfw IV Ausf H Tank w/Side-Skirt Armor

Dragon 1/72 PzKpfw IV Ausf H Tank w/Side-Skirt Armor

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  • Newly produced Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H w/astonishing detail
  • Newly produced commander's hatch w/well-defined detail
  • Delicate armor skirts produced for Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H
  • Well-designed radio antenna
  • Finely detailed 7.5cm KwK.40 L/48 gun
  • Realistic turret roof rendered w/brackets for armor skirts
  • Well-defined turret skirts can be assembled separately
  • Sharp detail on front hull
  • Full detail such as exhaust system on rear plate
  • Detailed spare wheels w/rack on side of upper hull
  • Subtly detailed on-vehicle tools can be assembled on fender
  • Slide-molded fender w/crisp detail
  • Detailed lower hull made by 2-directional slide mold
  • Bolts and rivets delicately represented on hull bottom
  • One-piece upper hull w/engine deck detail
  • Authentic one-piece return rollers are easy to assemble
  • Road wheel hubs are separate pieces, allowing unparalleled crispness of detail
  • Dual road wheels are perfectly molded in one piece
  •  One-piece DS tracks

Dragon offers a complete lineup of the popular Panzer IV family tree in 1/35 scale, and now gaps in the smaller 1/72 scale lineup are being filled too. The newest 1/72 Panzer IV kit from Dragon is an Ausf.H type. Production of the Ausf.H variant commenced in April 1943, and improvements included an 80mm-thick glacis plate and a layer of Zimmerit paste to prevent the adhesion of anti-tank mines. Side skirts were also added to the hull and turret to enhance the vehicle’s protection. With all the new armor, the Panzer IV’s weight increased to 25 tonnes.

This 1/72 scale plastic kit is a fantastic new offering, with the majority of its components being newly tooled parts. Examples include the complete turret, upper hull, fenders and Schurzen side skirts on the hull and turret. Utilizing research data and engineering experience with the larger 1/35 equivalent kit, the details on this Panzer IV are very accurately portrayed. The box supplies a generous selection of Cartograf decals that cover panzer divisions operating in locations such as the Eastern Front (e.g. Poland, Ukraine) and Normandy. These markings stand out, and will look impressive on a suitable diorama piece. Dragon has already released Pz.Kpfw.IV F, F2 and G kits, so the addition of the very popular Ausf.H comes as a welcome addition for modelers everywhere. In fact, when lined up alongside each other, collectors will be able to trace the evolution of the important Panzer IV tank

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