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Dragon Models 1/35 SdKfz 167 StuG IV Late Tank (Re-Issue Upgrade Version) Kit

Dragon Models 1/35 SdKfz 167 StuG IV Late Tank (Re-Issue Upgrade Version) Kit


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The model arrives in an extremely 'full' looking box! It's another of those that are difficult to get closed again afterwards. As usual, this is because there are a lot of disparate sprues included from different original releases, and nearly every sprue contains a good number of parts marked as 'Not for use', as can be seen from the scan of the parts map on the first page of the instructions shown below. IN addition to the mass of grey styrene parts, we have a large photo-etched brass fret, three sheets of aluminium pop-out Schurzen, a wire tow rope, and a small transparent sprue.

If you're interested in this one, the chances are that it's not the first StuG you've built, and there are very few surprises in store. Construction begins naturally enough with the assembly of the various running gear components onto the separate one-piece slide moulded hull, along with the construction of various structural components to be fitted to the hull. The running gear consists of paired roadwheels, superbly moulded with manufacturer log on the sidewall, a two-piece drive sprocket, and choice of idler wheel between welded cast and tubular wheels, and a choice between three types of return roller too. At this stage, the flame dampening (Flammentoter) exhausts are also constructed and fitted to the separate rear hull wall in readiness for fixing the hull. The tracks supplied are of the 'Magic Track individual link type, and as is becoming common in Dragon kits, they are supplied in two different shades of grey. The idler wheel can be fitted in such a way as to remain moveable so that its position can be altered later in the build.


- Newly tooled travel lock assembly
- Newly tooled StuG.IV Late Production fighting compartment authentically reproduced with extra armor protection
- Newly tooled roof armor with accurate weld seams
- Newly tooled Magic Tracks
- Side-skirt armor plates can be installed separately
- Side-skirt armor plates produced in metal for scale thickness
- Armor brackets are realistically detailed
- Realistic lower hull made by 2-directional slide mold
- Bolts and rivets are delicately represented on the hull's bottom
- Simplified idler mount produced specially for StuG.IV
- Easy-to-assemble upper hull
- Multi-part upper hull offers maximum detail
- Fighting-compartment armor with accurate weld seams
- Optional rain guard on fighting compartment
- Multi-directional slide-molded superstructure
- Radio set and seat included
- Gun mantlet rendered with realistic cast texture
- Cannon can be elevated up/down
- One-piece gun barrel
- Optional slide-molded muzzle brakes can be fitted
- Gun breech and recoil guard fully reproduced
- Gunsight and handwheels with delicate detail
- Recoil and recuperator cylinders accurately represented
- Detailed rear hull w/mufflers
- Screw heads finely reproduced
- Engine hatches can be assembled open/closed
- Photo-etched parts for engine-deck exhaust grill
- Slide-molded engine deck w/bolt details
- Driver's hatch w/interior detail can be assembled open/closed
- Commander's hatch w/interior details can be assembled open/closed
- Hatches can be assembled open/closed
- MG shield accurately reproduced w/bolt details
- Authentic-looking MG34
- Optional butt stock included
- Includes fuel tank filler mouths
- Slide-molded periscopes for commander's cupola made from clear parts
- Fenders with tread pattern on both sides
- Two types of front fender segments provided
- Spare-track rack on the glacis plate
- Duct flaps reproduced with photo-etched parts
- Detailed idler wheels w/cast texture
- Photo-etched parts for idlers to accurately represent undercut detail
- Road wheels, sprockets, idlers and return rollers authentically reproduced

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